Thursday, September 3, 2009

Melted Crayon Effects Card

I saw this technique on (for more detailed go to their website) and love it.  It is real easy to do.  Here I took Stampin' Up's non-glossy white card stock and cut 81/2" length by 51/2" width.  Folded the length in half.  Wrap a iron with aluminum foil and heat it (no steasm). You then take heated iron and just scribble any color crayon you want on the aluminum.  Swipe your folded card stock over the aluminum until you get the effect that you what. Then complete your card.  I used Stampin' Up's Pink Passion cut 2" width layered over top of about an 1" of the white whic I tore and then ran over Stampin' Upo's Pixie Pink Cklassic Ink glued on card and then glued the Passion Pink piece leaving some of the white showing.  The flowers were stamped in Pixie Pink and are out of the Pick A Petal Stamp Kit from Stampin' Up!  I hope you enjoy.  Happy Stamping-Lynette    

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